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Статья опубликована в рамках: Научного журнала «Студенческий» № 13(141)

Рубрика журнала: Педагогика

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Библиографическое описание:
Bykova V. I AND DIGITAL PEDAGOGY // Студенческий: электрон. научн. журн. 2021. № 13(141). URL: https://sibac.info/journal/student/141/207143 (дата обращения: 05.03.2024).


Bykova Valeria

student, Faculty of Preschool, Primary and Special Education of the Pedagogical Institute, Belgorod State National Research University,

Russia, Belgorod

Digital pedagogy is an urgent necessity!

In a world dominated by the digital industry, we are keeping up with the times. In our time, the teacher should attract the student to the world of knowledge and intelligence. But how can someone who is not familiar with modern services and ways of working with information do this? Can't use data that is stored using digital methods? Today's students are "children of numbers", they are better and faster to transfer knowledge in digital form.

The current stage of development of society is characterized by an exponential increase in the penetration of information and communication technologies in all spheres of human life, including education. It is important that this trend is typical for educational institutions of any level of education: schools,universities, etc. level of education: schools, universities, etc. For example, in preschool educational institutions, the informatization of society poses certain tasks:

  • to keep up with the times,
  • to become a guide for the child to the world of new technologies,
  • to form the foundations of the information culture of his personality,
  • to improve the professional level of teachers and the competence of parents.

The solution of these problems is impossible without updating and revising all areas of kindergarten work in the context of informatization.

Thanks to ICT technologies, children develop their imagination, thinking and memory. In our kindergarten for the use of this technology there are

Talking alphabet.

Travel Games,

Transformers Toys

Children's educational computers.

Thanks to these new technologies, our classes become bright, colorful and interesting

How can ICTs help, for example, a teacher in a pre-school educational institution?

The game in the life of a preschooler is a cognitive activity, which is a kind of practical form of reflection of the child about the surrounding reality. What is the novelty? Approaches to the organization of the educational process are changing: the solution of the problems of educational activity occurs through accessible and interesting forms of work. The most difficult for teachers is the introduction of information technologies in the educational process. This requires the organization to be equipped with multimedia equipment and requires the teacher to have computer literacy, creativity, and the search for new teaching methods and non-traditional forms. The most powerful argument in favor of using a computer in organized educational activities may well be the fact that modern children are much more interested in computer graphics, animation, than just pictures.

The result of these changes should be: knowledge of pedagogical technologies and methods of using information educational resources, high professional level of teachers in the field of working with digital devices.

It is also relevant for corporate universities. As an example, let's take a closer look at the situation in higher education. First, in universities, information and communication technologies (ICT) become the content of education – the curriculum of any university contains IT disciplines that form students ' general cultural competencies, involving the possession of basic methods and technologies of information management, as well as the ability to use software for storing, presenting, processing information and transmitting it using communication technologies. Second, ICTs are becoming learning tools. It is already difficult to imagine a modern educational process without the use of e-mail, software for creating presentations,video and audio materials from the Internet.

And the advantages of digitalization of education are obvious. This is not only a reduction in the share of paper reports, various documents, etc. It is, to a greater extent, the possibility of automating the educational process, providing students with quick feedback, personalization of educational work, the use of customizable educational materials, the development of students ' independence, and much more, allowing you to focus on the work of an individual student, and the group as a whole.

I also want to note the disadvantages. With the constant use of ICT, we increasingly devote time to computers, tablets, thereby exposing ourselves to screen addiction and due to this impact, vision can deteriorate. Children may lose their writing skills and creative abilities. They will become less able to remember large texts and may lose their mental abilities. But this is with frequent use of (IT)

In my opinion, all the listed disadvantages when using ICT threaten only those who switch completely to its permanent use. Am I ready to work within the framework of digital pedagogy (psychologically, theoretically, practically, etc.)? After all, this is the age of technology and everything is done to simplify our work. We should develop and not stand still. We have been using digital methods for a long time in our work, the main thing is not to make a cult of it, not to rush from extreme to extreme. After all, digital devices in our country are becoming very important, giving new opportunities for obtaining information, communication, learning, entertainment, and Internet technologies are changing the way of life of a modern person, affecting his behavior, habits, and range of interests. Use the digital capabilities of our world wisely!



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