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Статья опубликована в рамках: Научного журнала «Студенческий» № 13(183)

Рубрика журнала: Социология

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Библиографическое описание:
Klyashtornaya O.V. THE MAIN DIRECTIONS OF SOCIAL WORK IN THE WORKPLACE // Студенческий: электрон. научн. журн. 2022. № 13(183). URL: https://sibac.info/journal/student/183/246101 (дата обращения: 02.07.2022).


Klyashtornaya Olga Viktorovna

2nd year student, Directions social work, Belgorod National Research University

Russia, Belgorod


The article is devoted to the essence and main directions of social work in the workplace. It describes and details such areas as social protection of employees, social security of employees and social support of employees.


Keywords: social work, social work in the workplace, social protection, social support, social security, guarantees.


Currently, various types of production are widely prevalent in the Russian Federation, about 80% of the working population is employed in this field. At the same time, it is obvious that the productivity of an employee depends entirely on his physical, economic, social and psychological state. The worse it is for a person who is the main productive force of any society, the lower the efficiency of production and other types of activities. In order to support workers who have fallen into a difficult life situation, as well as to prevent this, many companies are beginning to introduce social work technologies in production.

Social work in the workplace is closed, as it is aimed at the personnel of the enterprise, is carried out in the structure of the enterprise, includes a variety of types and directions of assistance, implemented systematically. In addition, under certain conditions, social work at an enterprise can be a center for consulting assistance, as well as social intervention in labor conflicts, influencing them and resolving them.

According to MSU Professor V. S. Torokhtiy, social work at Russian enterprises includes three main types:

1) social protection;

2) social services;

3) social support.

In order to analyze and understand the main directions of social work at work, we will consider the types of social work proposed by V.S. Torokhtiy in more detail.

The concept of the social protection system at the enterprise mainly includes state measures to ensure minimum social guarantees, rights, benefits and freedoms of all members of the labor collective. In this case, all the main social benefits, guarantees and compensations, cases of their provision are provided for by the Labor Code of the Russian Federation and the collective agreement.

These include:

- payment of various benefits, compensations;

- employment, retraining, conditions for the release of employees;

- improvement of working conditions and labor protection of employees;

- environmental safety and health protection of workers at work;

- guarantees and benefits for employees who combine work with training;

- health improvement and recreation of employees and their family members;

- partial or full payment of employees' meals.

Social protection of employees is designed to solve social, economic and legal problems that guarantee the right to a decent standard of living for every employee.

Social service is the provision of social services to workers who are unable to take care of themselves, and services necessary to meet the needs of their normal existence. Its main forms are:

- social diagnostics;

- social and professional rehabilitation;

- production assistance.

The broadest direction of the presented is the social support of employees. Most often, these are additional benefits that are not provided for by law, in order to increase motivation and incentive of staff. This can also include various assistance to employees who are in a difficult life situation.

The direction of social support for employees can include:

- provision of housing. In this case, residential premises can be issued for commercial hire, ownership, or an employee can receive a one-time payment for the purchase of housing;

- medical support. It is expressed in the attachment of employees to various healthcare institutions and is provided at the expense of the company's finances. Some enterprises practice the opening and operation of medical centers on the basis of enterprises;

- organization of leisure activities. The specified type of social support it includes the organization of various socio-cultural events, such as professional holidays, Christmas trees, excursions, sports competitions;

- additional pension provision. Currently, many people practice paying an additional non-state pension to their retired employees, or a monthly supplement to the pension;

- targeted support for certain categories of employees. Most often this includes lump-sum payments for the birth of a child, on the occasion of marriage, in the event of the death of a family member of an employee, large families and others.

With the help of these mechanisms, the company is trying to create favorable conditions not only for the work of its employees, but also for their life in general. Organizations use such areas of social work as social protection, social service and social support. The most popular methods are: various payments for employees, housing and medical support, rehabilitation, personnel work. All methods help not only to provide employees with minimal guarantees, but also to motivate them for more productive activities, which undoubtedly contributes to the growth and quality of products. At the same time, such a social policy helps, in certain cases, to attract new personnel.

Thus, the mechanisms of social work at work are an integral part of the social policy of the enterprise, which provides employees with social guarantees. Social work at the enterprise includes three basic areas: social protection, social service and social support. These directions are generally aimed at satisfying the personal needs and interests of the staff, increasing their social security, creating a favorable moral and psychological climate, which, in turn, leads to increased productivity labor, and the successful functioning of the entire enterprise as a whole.



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